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UCD90160: UCD90160 stuck in reset(?) - Requires SMBus scan to "startup"

Part Number: UCD90160


I'm having issues with the UCD90160 power sequencer.  After using the devices for several weeks without issue during board bring up, we passed our processor boards with the UCD90160 from hardware to software.  Within 1 day the software team appeared to corrupt the UCD90160 and the device would not startup.  Using an old version (TI-Fusion-Digital-Power-Designer-2.0.166) of the TI Fusion software tool, no device was found on the SMB bus.  Switching to the current version of the Fusion Software (TI-Fusion-Digital-Power-Designer-7.0.1) the UCD90160 "wakes up" during a bus scan and fully powers the board.  I've tried reprogramming the device but whenever I remove power the device goes into idle state on the next power up. A bus scan from the latest Fusion software is required to start up the device.

Can you tell me if there is a way to return the UCD90160 to the unprogrammed/factory state?

Are there any NV register/memory software can write over the SMB bus to cause the device not to power up?

When I reprogram the device, it says there are no register/memory changes.  After there "hidden" registers that I may no see in the GUI?

The only information I received from SW was a Linux Driver crash "Bad number of pmbus pages:255"

I'd like to restore the device to the factory state and start over but it seems there is some memory I can't not clear or the device has been damaged.  We've seen this on 2 boards.