UCD90160: How to clear a fault due to MFR_STATUS(MFR_SPECIFIC_35)?

Part Number: UCD90160


I am using UCD90160 on my board. The sequencing, shutting down and all other features are working fine. But the issue is, on normal power up, an interrupt is issued due to bit [7] of MFR_STATUS (MFR_SPECIFIC_35) i.e. INVALID_LOGS. 

Can you please specify why this is happening? Will this be due to any issue in the settings I have made?

How can I clear it? Or can I mask it as specified by using SMBALERT_MASK (1Bh) ?

Please help. This is holding up the project now.



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  • Genius 12165 points

    Please refer the Q&A document at section 5.4 and 5.5.



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