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UCD90320: UCD90320 Cascade Configuration

Part Number: UCD90320

I am not very familiar with the GUI for this product so I have a couple of questions from my customer:

Is there a view in the GUI where the customer can actually see the cascaded chips? They need to be able to see the complete sequencing options. Is this possible when you are cascading the chips? The customer would like to be able to see the ramp up and ramp down of the cascaded chips? Is this possible or is the customer limited to see the action of a single chip only?

Do we have any application note(s) that goes into detail concerning cascading of these chips? It would be good if we had something that detailed the entire process of cascading the chip as many of our customers might want to use more than one chip in their application. If there were a detailed application this would greatly help us to support the customer.

In a daisy chain configuration is the Master clock sent to all of the chips? Or just to the Master?

Can the customer cascade the start-up from chip 1 through chip 4 or do each of them run concurrently? Basically is there one start-up pulse for all of the chips or can each chip be started after the last chip has finished its progression? Then he wants to complete the action in reverse. Are there any issues in doing this?

I have the project file etc. for the application that the customer produced. Can I send it to you off-line so as not to publish it here on the forums? I would like you to look at it and comment on issues that you might see with the configuration. Can I send it directly to you?

He also made the following comment:

There is a problem with GUI as if you opened another project file before with the installed GUI. I uninstalled it and installed the new one. I then loaded the files that I attached. If I do not do this it will pick the older version which you used before.

Is this a known issue or is the customer doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help with this!

Richard Elmquist

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    Did the customer try our latest Fusion GUI 7.0.11? The latest GUI will show the ramp up/down of all rails controlled by different UCD sequencer.
    As for the cascading, please refer section 7.4.11 of www.ti.com/.../ucd9090a.pdf. we are also working on applicatio note to have more details about the cascading.
    Sure please send me the project file offline?

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    Please send me an email. I am listed in the TI directory. I would email you but I am not sure of your email address.

    Then I can send you the file and ask a couple additional questions.


    Richard Elmquist

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    Can you please send me an email to my TI address. You can find it by using my last name. I would send you an email with the information, but I am not sure of your last name.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Richard Elmquist