TPS27082L: TPS27082L Vout only 75% of Vin

Part Number: TPS27082L


I'm using TPS27082 Load switch for one of my design and this is for both power sequence and reducing leakage.

My design is like the picture below.

When the load switch is on, everything works well. There is no problem.

But when the load switch is off and measure the Vout point where the BD4 is, it measures around 2.2~2.8V. This voltage varies by board.

If my understanding is correct, doesn't the Vout has to be near 0V when the switch is off?

+3.3V is always on suppy by PWM stepdown converter and I have checked the MCU's on/off pin and saw it works.

Or is it normal to be able to measure little voltage for load swtiches?