TPS2660: TPS26600 - OVP maximum current and voltage

Part Number: TPS2660

Hello Team,

the TPS26600 OVP pin could withstand a maximum voltage of 5V .

In the typical application with the voltage divider (voltage below), we can calculate the right value to be in spec.

In case the R3 would be damaged and would get open, the OVP voltage scenario would change.

  • What is the maximum current that can flow within the OVP pin?
  • Can R1 and R2 be used to limit the current to a safety level?

I would assume that in case R3 will get open, the OVP alarm would be set, but it would be important to understand if the OVP pin can withstand the new voltage stress. In case R3 get damaged, the alarm may not be necessary an OVP error, but if the device can withstand it, the system can still react on the anomaly. 



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