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TPS2110A: Power & Load switch needed

Part Number: TPS2110A


I have two input power sources (Vin and Vprog) and I want them to be controlled as per the below logic to the two outputs (Vout and Vp). Vin and Vprog have voltage ranges of 2V - 5V with currents of 200mA max.

Vin Vprog Vout Vp
0 0 0 or Vin Vin
0 1 0 Vprog
1 0 Vin Vin
1 1 0 Vprog

For the above Vp output, I am pursuing TPS2110A. However I am not able to get any Load switch or so for Vout output. All the Load switches seem to have Active High enable, or BGA package. Can you suggest any suitable part for Vout? If not, kindly suggest a single suitable part for the combined logic of Vout and Vp outputs. I do not want any of the parts to be of BGA package.


Vikas Chandra Rao.