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TPS25924: About internal FET.

Part Number: TPS25924


My customer has a question.

Q1.If you short-circuit between Vin and Vout, will it be destroyed?

Q2. Is the failure mode of the internal FET short? Or is it open?

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  • Hi Watanabe,

    Shorting Vin and Vout pins of the device does not damage the device. It bypasses the protection functions of TPS25924 device.
    When the internal FET fails. It fails in short in similar to any semiconductor device.

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  • In reply to Rakesh:


    I appreciate for your support.

    My customer has a new question.

    Q.When the IC breaks down for some reason,
    Is there a short circuit between VIN and GND?
    I am worried about whether there is a malfunction that draws current.

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  • In reply to watanabe:

    Hi Watanabe,

    The failure of ESD structure at Vin pin could lead to VIN and GND short. It is a possibility when the IC is subjected to transient over voltages beyond Absolute max. voltage rating, expected failures are VIN to GND short, VIN to VOUT short.

    what kind of stress you are expecting in the system. Where this device is placed ? at the input port for protection?