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LM5066I: Like Texas Instrument Review of my LM5066Ischematic

Part Number: LM5066I


I would like for a TI apps engineer do a brief review of my schematic. Is this possible?   Thanks Don 

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  • Hey Don, long time.

    Go to www.ti.com/hotswap and download the Design Calculator tool, it will help you a lot.  You need to know the entire system capacitance, even way down stream in DC_DC front ends.  Given current level, should not be much Cap.   Enter all of the customer specific items.  A couple of things right off, the CM chokes have significant DM inductance so you want a unidirectional TVS right at R44 "+" side to clamp Vin during a fault (assuming you need to survive a fault undamaged).  Also a Schottky on the output.  Both need to handle full short circuit current (which is higher than the SS trip due to a delay that filters nusiance trips).  You also need a 1000pF cap at the Diode pin on the LM5066