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TPS2413: TPS2413 unexpected voltage

Part Number: TPS2413

I used the ORing Power Rail Controller (TPS2413) in 12V input ,the sch as follows,

When only 12V_1 is on ,The other power will have 2.5V Voltage ,which will drive the LED on .In

http://e2e.ti.com/support/power_management/power_interface/f/204/t/537301 , It’s said that it have leakage current from C to A of up to 10uA.  A small load on the front end of ~ 5.11k should be enough to bring to acceptable.

I tried 4.7K, the voltage drop to 2.2V,when I changed to 150K .A changed to -0.5V. I want to konw if my design changed to 150k ,will there any risks in my power-supply system?