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TPS22943: Load switch with protection and very Low Iq - needed

Part Number: TPS22943


I am designing a water meter product that runs on a battery. I have an external flow sensor that takes very less operating current (<1mA). Since this sensor is installed externally, I want to protect my electronics from external faults on this sensor. So, I am considering a Load switch with in-built protection features similar to TPS22943. However TPS22943 has very high Iq=40uA. Because of such high Iq, my battery will drain off faster. Can you suggest similar load switch that has in-built protection features like Over-current, etc and report the same? It will be better to have much more protections features than just over-current. I do not want to use any BGA packaged parts. Kindly suggest.


Vikas Chandra Rao.