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LM5069: LM5069 MOSFET driving capability

Part Number: LM5069

Dear All,

one of my customer planned to use LM5069 hot swap controller in battery disconnect switch application for automotive, we would like to know whether single LM5069 device can drive four - six MOSFETS, they planned to use FDBL86561_F085 from ONSEMI, also to prevent MOSFET from continous switching or taking current, they planned to use shunt resitor. please advise whether it is ok to use resistor or it can be done on track itself which will be better method



  • Aravind,

    It can drive multiple FETs. The question is if the turn off will be fast enough in a hot short event. Check the FET Crrs against the pull down fault current (50mA min). I didn't pull the FET to look at, but check that and also download the design calculator tool at www.ti.com/hotswap to verify system parameters allow a good design. I assume the shunt resistor you reference is the normal current shunt necessary for operation per the apps diagram. The LM5069 is not automotive qualified.