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  • Can't find the pspice model of TPS2818DBVR .

    Could you please help ?

  • Hi there,

    I am from WPG Electronics (South Asia) system design team. Right now, we are playing with the TPS92010, however, we just find the datasheet and EVM user manual. That is not enough for us to go through and design our own solution.

    On another side, we are thinking about the isolated SEPIC solution of TPS92010, however, we only saw the schematic on the TI Cookbook. Please let me know, where I can find the information about these?

    Thanks a lot!

  • I want to design a half-bridge PWM power supply. The problem is that my input is the output of a UCC28070 PFC controller at 390VDC. Even if I found MOSFETS that could take the voltage, how do I drive the high side gate? What PWM controller could I use?

  • Hi, I'm using the TPS61072 with L1=10uH, R1=90k, R2=10k,C1=10uF ceramic,C2=4.7uF ceramic. I added a 100pF in parallele to R1 for stability. The divisor consumes 50uA. The device should consume about 30uA max. The entire circuit with no load consume 5mA! And in some cases the device burns after a one day burn in test. Could you explain or help me?

    Sebastien Grenier prof. eng.

  • Dear all I need help to find Step up voltage

    Input 1.8V

    out put 3.7V

    can hold pick current of 2.5A for 0.6mS

    average current 300mA

    up to now I find some components but I can not see the pick


    can some one help me please


    I can connect 2 in parallel?

  • The UCC2809-2 datasheet is missing the absolute maximum rating for the FB pin

    (feedback pin). For a new design we need to know that limit. Could you let us

    know what the maximum voltage is? Also the minimum and the max current into the

    FB pin, if available. Looks like there is the body diode of an internal FET. But

    max voltage is most important right now.

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  • Using UCC39002 with high output voltage application (48V), I've problem to calculate the Radj, because I think the formula in your application SLUUA166 is valid only without transistor. Could you help me?

  • TPS40020/21 information.  Can you provide the following information

    maximum power rating of the package

    package thermal impedance data.

  • does anyone know the TPS40210 can support 5VIN to 12VOUT with 3A output current loading?

    How much output capacitor enought? How to design compensation value to meet above application if customer want to use 33uF output capacitor? Thanks

  • Hi I am working on TPS65100 PMIC and facing issue in negative voltage charge pump.with any combination of the resistor divider i am not able to bring down the voltage to -6.8V. i checked reference voltage and it is coming correctly. please advise to rectify the issue.

  • I currently have 2 supply voltage available to me in my design -> 25V and 5V.  I will be generating 3.3V from 5V on non-isolated side of design with a linear regulator and will need to isolate 25VDC (1-1.25A) supply.  The isolated 25V supply will be used to drive some high voltage components (25V@550mA) and will also be used to generate 3.3V (@ 100mA), and 5V (@200mA possible requirement) on  isolated side .  I would like suggestions on an optimized 25V isolated solution  (isolation requirement 1500-2500V, >1000V min) as well as low cost/minimal external component solution for generating 3.3V and 5V from 25V without needing a heat sink.

  • Hi,

    I m looking for an LTsplice model of LM2575HV-ADJ. Does it exist?


  • ...addition to my previous post

    does a  pspice model of  LM2575HV-ADJ exist?


  • I want to measure the temperature of a specific area in an interface board. The problem I face is that I don't get the correct reading as some ICs in the interface board get heated up to very high temperature which interrupt my temperature measurement of a specific area. Can you suggest me if there are any temperature sensors or ways to measure without changing the routing in the interface card?.

    Thanks in advance