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Questions on slight bqTESLA changes


We're taking a look at both bq500110EVM-688 and bq51013EVM-725 to satisfy some potential customers requirements and wanted to take advantage of your knowledge and experience.

1- working with the aforementioned EVM I noticed that the receiver didn't ask for the End of Power Transfer when JP2 was moved from low to high. D1 didn't turn off, any clue? 

2- There is the need to reduce costs at the Receiver. Would it be possible to shift the control / intelligence of the communications to the transmitter employing TI this family of products (or another one you can suggest)? That would require some reprogramming of the bq500110 (I'm assuming that bq500110 already comes with the firmware programmed) and I don't know if that's possible, as I've not been able to find any tips through the documentation (IC's or EVM's) referring to this question. Any idea on how to do that is welcomed.

3- I've read in other posts that some have already asked for a slight increase on the output power. In our case customers are interested in a 10W output (all other requirements are Qi compliant). Could you suggest which products seem to be the most compatible or how can we approach this?

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  • Hi Benjamin

    I would recommend taking a look at our new bqTESLA transmitter the bq500210, it has reduced parts count and improved performance.

    1.) JP2 is EN2 jumper—Enable/Disable for external adapter power.  If external power is applied to J1/J2 then Jumper JP2 will control this voltage.

    JP1 is EN1 Jumper---Enable/Disable for wireless power, a High on this jumper is disable power transfer and D1 will turn off.

    See Page 3 of user’s guide SLVU447.

    2.) We are not offering RX or TX firmware for use on other devices.

    3.) For applications requiring more power contact your local TI Sales Office for application support.

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