BQ51013 : Disconnection from Transmitter BQ500110EVM-688 when loading even with light resistor loads

Dear Bill,

Thanks. I have already accepted your request to be friends.

Please, dou you have any idea what is happening ?

I keep waiting your comments.

Thank you !

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  • Hi Joan

    Thanks for accepting the friends request and starting the conversation regarding the bq500110EVM-688 problem you are seeing.  This will give you the opportunity to share your schematic and layout with me in private away from the forum.  I can make much better recommendations regarding the problem once I see the circuit.

    I reply to messages during work hours and I am in Dallas Texas (US Central Time Zone).  But often I will reply in the evening.

    I have replied to your message in the conversation section and look forward to working with you on this design.

    Best regards,