BQ51013 : Disconnection from Transmitter BQ500110EVM-688 when loading even with light resistor loads

Dear Bill,

Thanks. I have already accepted your request to be friends.

Please, dou you have any idea what is happening ?

I keep waiting your comments.

Thank you !

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  • Hi Joan

    Thanks for accepting the friends request and starting the conversation regarding the bq500110EVM-688 problem you are seeing.  This will give you the opportunity to share your schematic and layout with me in private away from the forum.  I can make much better recommendations regarding the problem once I see the circuit.

    I reply to messages during work hours and I am in Dallas Texas (US Central Time Zone).  But often I will reply in the evening.

    I have replied to your message in the conversation section and look forward to working with you on this design.

    Best regards,


    Best Regards,

    Bill Johns,  Applications Engineer

    Texas Instruments Inc

    Dallas, Texas

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