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BQ51050B: How to improve range on designs using the BQ51050b

Part Number: BQ51050B

I've been using the BQ51050b RX in a design for several months now, and I'm just not getting the range that I need. To get any boards to work, I have had to take apart our transmitter so that the RX coil is actually touching the TX coil in order to get power transfer to begin, and a fraction of the boards fabricated never even get above the UVLO to start charging. I know WPC 1.1 only supports up to 7 mm, but we're not even getting close to that. If I need more range, should I move toward the WPC 1.2 technology?

  • In reply to Brad Nelson99:

    Key areas look OK:
    1.) AD pin is grounded
    2.) 10k resistor on TS/CNT pin to disable NTC temp fault ckt
    3.) Rect and Out Caps look ok
    4.) ILimt and FOD ckt OK
    5.) Term ckt OK
    6.) Coil tuning OK --- L 26uH and C10 100nF
    7.) Comm caps increase to max of 68nF

    Other things to look at or try:
    1.) Test with a larger coil the improve coupling should show better comm performance.
    2.) What type of capacitor is C10, should be X5R or X7R, it would be good to test with COG/NPO
    3.) All caps should be X5R or X7R
    4.) Try increasing the capacitor value on Rect pin
    5.) Test the small coil with bq51050 EVM

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    Bill Johns,  Applications Engineer

    Texas Instruments Inc

    Dallas, Texas

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    Thank you for all your help. I was able to build a new board using many of these changes, and it can charge up to about 6 mm from the Tx coil.