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BQ51003EVM-764: Power transfer through metal

Part Number: BQ51003EVM-764

Is it possible to suppress FOD. Want to transfer through 20um aluminum Transfer stops as soon as metal is inserted.

  • It is possible to turn off FOD feature on TI transmitter side, info is in the data sheet. But should be done with a great deal of caution and not recommended.
    Aluminum will act as a large foreign object and absorb a lot of power resulting in significant thermal rise.
    Power transfer thru aluminum is probably not possible.

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    Bill Johns,  Applications Engineer

    Texas Instruments Inc

    Dallas, Texas

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  • In reply to Bill Johns:

    Thanks Bill for the information. My aim is to run the transmitter at full power, i.e. 110KHz and study the effect of metal in between Tx and Rx. I want to operate Tx always at full power instead of power control based on Received power. Transmitter is bq500212A .

    Looking difficult in present scenario but need help to solve it.