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Samsung Artik

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Hi Support,

Customer is currently using Samsung Artik SOM. 

They would like like to switch to chipset level in their new design. Am looking at TI MPU, BLE and Sub-GHz (Zigbee HA) devices.

MPU requirements: Ubuntu Linux OS, 10/100 Ethernet, Wi-Fi (AP and Device), DDR3 512MB, eMMC 4GB, NandFlash, at least 10yrs longevity 

Average CPU load is less than 0.6, however, customer have had complex installs where they are unable to meet the processing requirements using the Sitara AM335x processor. They should ideally be able to service these complex installs with about 30% headroom for future expansions.

Am looking at the Sitara family but not sure which would be suitable. Could you advise?


  • Thanks for considering TI MPUs.
    We do not have any MPU with integrated WI-FI. That been said, your description does not give details, so I will try to help from DMIPs perspective.
    Assuming they have tested AM335x @ 1GHz, performance is 2,000 DMIPs. If they use AM437x at the same frequency, performance will be 2,500 DMIPs. Other option is to move to AM570x family that at 1.5Ghz that can reach 5,250 DMIPs.


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