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Compiler/TMDXSK437X: How to Debug the Board

Part Number: TMDXSK437X

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

We have bought a device AM437x Starter Kit. We are going to use the GUI matrix and make some new program. I have several questions for this device. Could somebody helps me?

1) Do we have a method to debug the board? there is a USB cable to connect the device with the host Computer, it seems there is no instructions about how to use it to debug

2) In the program we need to call some 3rd device drivers which are written under general Linux OS. When creating new project by CCS6, do we use CCS project or general C++ project?

      2.1) if using CCS project, should we choose Crosss GCC or Linux GCC?

      2.2) if using general C++ project, do we choose TI V15.12.1.LTS compiler or GNU V4.9.3 (Linaro) compiler? 

3) I noticed there is no g++ compiler in the list, I suppose those GCC or TI V15.12.1.LTS or GNU V4.9.3 compilers are all right to handle the C++ project and 3rd party c++ device driver?

Thank you very much for the help!

  • Hi,

    1) Check the hardware user guide: www.ti.com/.../spruhw8.pdf
    "The AM437x StarterKit EVM supports embedded XDS100V2 USB emulation through the micro-USB AB connector. The EVM also has an optional 20-pin TI CJTAG connector to support the emulation. This CJTAG connector is not installed by default."

    2). If this is a third party linux driver, then I am not sure it will work under bare metal CCS project or RTOS environment. You may need to rewrite the driver in the General CCS project environment in order to use the driver as part of an RTOS application.
    To answer your question you should select General C++ project with GNU compiler, as described here:

    3). You are correct the use of compilers provided in CCS should be enough to handle the C++ project.

    Best Regards,


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