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Linux/AM5728: AM572x GMAC PPS Output/PTP problems

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Part Number: AM5728

Tool/software: Linux

My board is AM572x Rev 1.3B. When the board delivered to me, first I want to make the board output PPS signal with PTP operating. So I followed the next link. 

After I set up u-boot environment variables and device tree file, and hardware modification, I modified the pps_enable file to PPS_ON(1). But it didn't work.

Also I operated ptp4l program with another TI EVM(EVMK2H). I connected two EVMs on each eth0 port with ethernet cable directly. It looked operating normally. But when I connected two EVMs and PTP supported network switch(RSG-2488), AM 572x didn't work. It looks like that it could not catch timestamp messages from other devices.