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RTOS/AM3359: Missing platform package 'ti.platforms.evmAM3359'

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Part Number: AM3359

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

I am trying to build and execute the HSR protocol example project on the AM3359 ICE development board.

  • I have downloaded and installed the latest PROCESSOR-SDK-RTOS-AM335X (v05.03) and PRU-ICSS Industrial Software for Sitar Processors (v1.00.04).
  • I have generated the example projects in the PRU-ICSS Industrial Software for Sitar Processors package targeting the AM335x.
  • I have loaded the hsr_app_AM335x_arm project into CCSv8.

When I try to build the hsr_app_AM335x_arm project, it fails; claiming it " Can't find the platform package 'ti.platforms.evmAM3359' ". I've tried refactoring the project to the latest compiler and product versions, but still see the same error.

Where can I find/acquire this 'ti.platforms.evmAM3359' platform package and how do I install/add a project path in the project to allow it to be found/used? It seems archaic to have to revert to a pre-3.30 (2014) release of XDCtools to build an example from the latest SDK releases (per the suggestion in the error message generated by the compiler; shown below).

Best regards,

- Chris

Full error message:

Building file: "C:/ti/PRU-ICSS-HSR-PRP-DAN_01.00.04.02/examples/hsr_prp/am335x_app.cfg"
Invoking: XDCtools
"C:/ti/xdctools_3_51_01_18_core/xs" --xdcpath= xdc.tools.configuro -o configPkg -t gnu.targets.arm.A8F -p ti.platforms.evmAM3359 -r release -c "C:/ti/ccsv8/tools/compiler/gcc-arm-none-eabi-7-2017-q4-major-win32" "C:/ti/PRU-ICSS-HSR-PRP-DAN_01.00.04.02/examples/hsr_prp/am335x_app.cfg"
subdir_rules.mk:12: recipe for target 'build-1111334305-inproc' failed
js: "C:/ti/xdctools_3_51_01_18_core/packages/xdc/tools/Cmdr.xs", line 52: Error: xdc.tools.configuro: Error: Can't find the platform package 'ti.platforms.evmAM3359'.  TI platforms are no longer shipped as part of XDCtools (C:\ti\xdctools_3_51_01_18_core).  Please ensure you are either using a pre-3.30 version of XDCtools or you have added a product that includes your platform support along the path ';C:\ti\xdctools_3_51_01_18_core/packages'.  Check that this path names a directory containing the necessary platform support and that the platform name is properly spelled.

  • In reply to Garrett Ding:

    We have the HSR/PRP 1.0.5 engineering drop uploaded to mySecureSW ready for delivery. I will add your email address to the mySecureSW mail list so you can access. You will receive an email from mySecureSoftware@ti.com with instruction of downloading the software.

    The engineering drop is based on the Processor SDK software-dl.ti.com/.../index_FDS.html
    After installing the drop, you will find two patches files for the SDK in the folder PRU-ICSS-HSR-PRP-DAN_01.00.05.00\protocols\pdk_patches\05.02.00, alternatively you can just replace the patched files/libraries (icss_emac, nimu_icss, timeSync) with the ones in the same folder.

  • In reply to Garrett Ding:

    As we haven't completed the full test cycle of HSR/PRP v1.0.5 which will be compatible with the latest Processor SDK RTOS, in addition to the pre-release of v1.0.5 on top of PRSDK v5.2 in the mySecureSW, I created a patch file applicable to HSR/PRP v1.0.4 from TI website for upgrading the release to be compatible with PRSDK v5.2 and uploaded to mySecureSW as well along with a README.