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RTOS/AM3352: Ping fails in NIMU basic example project

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Part Number: AM3352

Tool/software: TI-RTOS


     when I use the default project NIMU_BasicExample_bbbAM335x_armExampleproject for my test,

I can't ping the device successful.

Through the code, we learned that the code related to the initialization of emac has the following parts:

/* Chip configuration MII/RMII selection */
SOCCtrlCpswPortMacModeSelect(1, ETHERNET_MAC_TYPE_RMII);
SOCCtrlCpswPortMacModeSelect(0, ETHERNET_MAC_TYPE_RMII);

EMAC_socGetInitCfg(0, &cfg);
cfg.port[0].phy_addr = EMAC_CPSW_PORT0_PHY_ADDR_EVM;
cfg.port[1].phy_addr = EMAC_CPSW_PORT0_PHY_ADDR_EVM;
EMAC_socSetInitCfg(0, &cfg);

/create app task/

NIMUDeviceTable[nimu_device_index++].init = &CpswEmacInit ;
NIMUDeviceTable[nimu_device_index].init = NULL ;

about the soc,is there any config for HW except SOCCtrlCpswPortMacModeSelect?

and I know the init and register EMAC is by CpswEmacInit .

how can I know init and register EMAC success,is there any log?

I don't know how does CpswEmacInit  function exectued.so I don't know if EMAC has init or register.