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RTOS/AM4376: Custom board configuration for SD card boot

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Part Number: AM4376

Tool/software: TI-RTOS


I am trying to run the RTOS template application on a custom board. In order to do that I'd like to boot the board via a SD card. Hence, I am following the procedure described here : 

The "booting via SD card" part refers to the image :  <mmcsd_bootloader>_ti.bin which I guess in my case should be bootloader_boot_mmcsd_a9host_debug_ti.bin (renamed MLO)

If I understood well, it is this secondary bootloader that should load the application to the DDR memory. Therefore, the SBL should know what are the Pinmux, clocking and DDR configurations on our custom board, right ?

How can I update these configurations in the bootloader image ?

I am using :

Code composer studio 8.2.0

sdk RTOS

AM4376 Custom board

Thank you in advance,

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  • Gilles,

    The custom board porting for PRcoessor SDK RTOS is described here:

    The article is common to all the platforms that we support and brings out specifics that may diverge from the common path for specific devices so for clocking, pinmux and DDR you can look at the steps that apply to AM335x/AM437x.

    You might first want to evaluate how different your design is to one of the TI evaluation platforms before you start modifying the board/bootloader. Do you have an update DDR configuration setting that you have validated over emulator using GEL file. We highly recommend that you do this before modifying the bootloader software.


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  • In reply to Rahul Prabhu:

    Hello Rahul,

    thank you for answering,

    I do have a DDR configuration which has been tested and validated over emulator using GEL files. I managed to run a bare metal app on the custom board.

    I followed the procedure that you linked and it leaded to additional questions :

    • section : additional steps for AM335x/AM437x users mentions additional modifications to the build files in starterware to build a custom library :
      • I'm guessing that it means adding the custom board to pdk.../packages/ti/starterware/build/makerules/platform.mk ?
        • If yes, for AM4376, the image should be loaded at address 0x80000000, right ?
      • Is there any other changes that needs to be done regarding this part ?

    • section : Creating the SD Card Loadable Files mentions out2rprc.exe and MulticoreImageGen.exe which are supposed to be located in the <PDK>/packages/ti/boot/sbl/tools folder. My problem is that I can't find neither those 2 files nor the folder <PDK>/packages/ti/boot/(my version of the pdk is 1.0.13) and I know for sure that I didn't delete it by accident.
      • The alternative way to do it is by doing a make <BOARD>_sd. Shouldn't it be : create_sd.bat <BOARD> ? (I'm using Windows)
        • create_sd.bat also uses out2rprc.exe and MulticoreImageGen.exe so I guess it would also be an issue ?

    Thank you in advance,