CCS/PRU-ICSS-INDUSTRIAL-SW: EtherCAT PRU Firmware does not run on user specific hardware

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I'm working on an user specific hardware similar to the ICEv2 design. The goal is to run EtherCAT on it. So I started porting the slave example project from PRU ICSS EtherCAT Release to our custom board. The original demo is running on this board but I cannot use both ports. It seems to be that only the ECAT host Interface binary is working. In debug mode I see on PRU Counter incrementing while the other one is frozen after five or six counting steps. On the ICEv2 board the EtherCAT slave demo runs without this limitation.

Other protocol applications like PROFINET and EtherNet/IP are working fine on both ports. So there shouldn't be any problem relating to our hardware design.

Does anybody know how to solve this Problem? Thank you.

Regards, Marc

Release 01.00.07

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