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OMAP-L138: A question about TMS320C6748 and OMAP-L138(456MHz)

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Part Number: OMAP-L138

Hi all

     Before our project, we used TMS320C6746  and used the TPS650061 for power supply.Now I want to upgrade the processor to OMAP-L138(456MHz). Can I replace 6746 directly with OMAP-L138 P2P? If the TPS650061 also  supported ? Thank you.

  • Hi,

    OMAP-L138 and TMS320C6748 are pin compatible devices (with only difference being the ARM core in OMAP-L138), you can take a look at their reference designs and see that the LCDKs are the same. 

    I think that TMS320C6746 & TMS320C6748 are also pin compatible, so you should be able to just replace the device with OMAP-L138. To be sure check Section 3.6 Pin Assignments in the datasheet of both devices (TMS320C6746 and TMS320C6478).

    As for the TPS650061, as long as it complies with the power-up sequence of the processor, see Section 6.3.1 Power-On Sequence of OMAP-L138 Datasheet, and matches the power consumption in your board and the Datasheet Recommended Operating Conditions., you should be able to use it.

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  • In reply to Yordan Kovachev:

    Hi Yordan

         I searched for some information.TMS320C6746 work on 300MHz,the total power need is  426.93mW,OMAP-L138 work on 300MHz,the total power need  is  479.73mW,I want to kown if OMAP-L138(456MHz version) work on 300MHz ,how many  total power does the chip need f?

       Now when I test the OMAP-L138(456MHz version) in -40℃,sometimes the OMAP138  crashes after working for a few seconds. Then I power off and restart it will be work ,I want to kown what reason  caused the problem.Is it because the power is not enough?Please help ,thanks!