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Compiler/TDA2: When will the visionSDK3 's cgtc6000 compiler upgrade to v8.x.x ?

Part Number: TDA2

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

The cgtc6000 comiler v7.4.2 is used in the latest visionSDK3.05. The v7.4.2 comiler is not enough for our project, the v8.x.x is OK.

In below thread,


Rishabh Garg  told me that the visionSDK3.05 will upgrade cgtc6000 comiler to v8.x.x two month ago.

But visionSDK 3.05 still use v7.4.2 when it was released.

So when will visionSDK upgrade cgtc6000 compiler to v8.x.x?