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Linux/AM4384: Command to change TPS65218 FSEAL to enalbe DCDC5/DCDC6 in PDK5.02

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Part Number: AM4384

Tool/software: Linux

In the EPOS AM438x EVM use TPS65218, DCDC5/6 supply tamper, Now we want to measure the power consumption of Tamper, but DCDC5/6 is not enabled to supply from CC pin(Coin Cell).

Please tell me the command in UBOOT or Linux to enable FASEAL bit to enable this mode.

My post about the PMIC TPS65218 is here: 

Hope do not need to rebuild UBoot and kernel.

Although my question is about AM438x, I saw AM437x IDK also use TPS65218, I thought it is general SDK question, not special for Am438x.

Regards. Tony Tang