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TDA2SX: Evaluation Module for TDA2SX

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Part Number: TDA2SX

TI (Spectrum Digital) offers an evaluation module TDA2x Vision EVM Kit with part number TDA2EVM5777. I want to know whether its processor is TDA2P-ACD or TDA2S or TDA2H?

I am interested in getting evaluation module based on TDA2S which has 4 EVE while others have 2 EVE.



  • Hi,

    TDA2EVM5777 is a super set part and it has four EVEs. You can order this EVM for the purpose mentioned. 

    Refer this for details - https://e2e.ti.com/support/processors/f/791/t/777316?TDA2EVM5777-Is-TDA2x-a-processor-or-evaluation-board-

  • In reply to Biju MG:

    Thanks for your reply. I did not know about the concept of Super set part number. Just for further knowledge, could you please further elaborate my following query:

    Question: Since TDA2S is super set part number. Is there any difference between part number TDA2S and  X5777x? Although part number X5777x is mentioned in datasheet of tda2sx.pdf but never mentioned in "Mechanical Packaging and Orderable Information" section of the datasheet. 

    So my question is whether both TDA2S and X5777x are same part numbers? If not, where can I find datasheet of X5777x part number?


    Dr. Imran Ali

  • In reply to Imran Ali:

    Moreover, I guess that Pin configuration of following components is different: TDA2E, TDA2H, TDA2L, TDA2P, TDA2S. So how will X5777x serve as super set of this TDA2x family?

    If I purchase the development board based on X5777x, and later on I develop my own board based on any TDA2x component, I will have to make the schematic myself which would be very difficult task.

    Kindly reply me. Thanks in advance.  

  • In reply to Imran Ali:

    TDA2EVM5777 is a superset part for TDA2SX/TDA2HX etc. It is not for all TDA2x devices - specifically not for for TDA2Px.
    Since you are looking for TDA2Sx, you can go ahead with TDA2EVM5777. If you change the part number you need, please check an EVM for that specific part.