CCS/AM4379: Merging IO-Link Master and EtherCAT Slave

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Hi all,


what will be - from your point of view - the best approach to combine these two technologies regarding the demos?

With EtherCAT, there is a complete project where IO-Link could be "added" as a kind of library.

Another possibility could be to create an IO-Link project first and then to "merge" both.

(But with respect to the existing demo setup of IO-Link, this seems to be much more effort...).

Or is it possible to think about adding IO-Link only in a file based manner?

But therefore its necessary to have detailed knowledge about the build setup.

Any help welcome,


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  • Hi Thomas, the idea is to create a gateway? or could you explain us better your use case?

    thank you,


  • In reply to Paula Carrillo:

    Hi Paula,

    Yes, the device should act as a gateway between EtherCAT and IO Link slave devices. For complexity reasons

    and because we only want to use it in closed systems, the number of IO Link ports as well as IO Link device compatibility

    will be limited. In the end, we only support custom specific bus configurations, provided e.g. by file.

    Meanwhile I have already started using the EtherCAT full slave reference design adding the self-generated IO link library

    (which isn't accessed at the moment). Even if EtherCAT and IO Link are using different PRU's, I don't see the

    PRU0 handle assigned in the IO Link example code. Seems to be some kind of memory mapped adressing,

    part of the script based toolchain required for the IO Link reference design?

    Best Regards,


  • In reply to Thomas Kuhnt:

    Hi again,

    another point: you mentioned the TI Design that shows a Profinet-Profibus gateway.

    It seems to be a Linux project - is there anything comparable for Windows (I'm not a Linux expert....)?

    Kind Regards,


  • In reply to Thomas Kuhnt:


    Probably the 'CCS Linux version 6.1.2' noted in that TI design confused you, the profinet-profibus gateway was actually a TI-RTOS project, and the CCS could be either Windows or Linux version.