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AM5728: Switching PRU Ethernet protocols

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Q1. Is it possible to use Ethernet port of ICSS by dynamically switching between Ethernet and Industrial communication (e.g. profinet)?

Q2. How to switch above? (by Hw? or by SW?)

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  • Hi HaTa.

    Yes it's possible to dynamically switch between Ethernet and Industrial communication based on EtherType as described in the TI design - http://www.ti.com/tool/TIDEP0032 



  • In reply to Garrett Ding:

    Hi Garrett,

    OK, I understand that each industrial ethernet can be switched dynamically as described in TIDEP0032.

    So, Now I notice that I may misunderstand about ethernet in PRU_ICSS on AM57x, then, I would like to confirm some points as below:

    1. Ethernet port in PRU_CISS can be used not only as industrial ethernet but also as IEEE standard Ethernet LAN on AM572x / AM574x?

        I ask this question because the description of PRUSS_GPCFG1[29-16:PR1_PRU1_GP_MUX_SEL] are different between AM572x and AM574x.

    2.Is it possible to dynamically switch between IEEE standard Ethernet LAN and industrial ethernet?

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  • In reply to HaTa:


    1. Yes, the PRU_ICSS MII_RT module can be programmed as standard Ethernet - think of PRU-ICSS EMAC/NIMU driver, also can be used as industrial ethernet - think of EtherCAT, Profinet...

    The PRUSS_GPCFG1[29-26:PR1_PRU1_GP_MUX_SEL] just describes that an internal wrapper multiplexing is supported in AM574x, which is not directly bundled to the Ethernet port functionality (industrial vs. standard).

    2. Essentially it's an implementation of EtherType based detection + ICSS_EMAC driver OR Industrial Ethernet.