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ADS58J63: Package electrical model of ADS58J63

Part Number: ADS58J63

I downloaded the IBIS-AMI model for ADS58J63. I see two package model files in it namely - tx_package_DA0.s4p and tx_package_DA1.s4p.

I would like to know if these are the actual package models related to ADS58J63 or if it is some example mode.

Reason behind this query is I was refering to the user guide


Table 2 in this user guide list all the models included in the IBIS-AMI model. But this table doesn't list the package model files.

Hence request you to confirm if the included package model are the actual models which I can use for my simulation.

If not then request you to provide the same. This is required to carry out my SI analysis.




Kiran V.G.