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AFE7686: configure AFE7686 via SPI interface

Part Number: AFE7686


Currently I am using the GUI tpo configure the AFE 7686 EVM board.

I would like to configure the AFE 7686 EVM board via serial interface. Or there is a way to use exist GUI dll to do register configuration from Matlab. 

Any one have done this before and share the example how to do it?


  • Hello,

    You may visit the following site for some of the user's experimenting with the FTDI DLL software to interface with our AFE GUI

    FTDI Pattern Generator.zip

    You may download the above attachment for the DLL that I have verified to work with the AFE76xx EVM. You may perhaps use the same DLL to work with Matlab and have Matlab execute the write/read command one by one.

    The AFE76xx GUI can also dump out individual register files into a text file so you can load into Matlab to execute. You will need to implement your own delay function for the register write loop.

    Private message me for detail.