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TRF3701IRHC availability

Part Number: tr

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

Dear Sirs, good afternoon!

Could you please confirm that the item  TRF3701IRHC – 48 pcs (пр-ль Texas Instruments) has 6 years of guarantee (5 years from the date of production and 1 year shelf life of the device at stock) and new items are not supplied until the stock finishes?

Would you be so kind to send us an official letter where it is written the above requested information?



LLC Sovtest

  • Olesya:

    This forum is not able to provide the type of information requested. Please contact your local sales team and they can track down the pertinent information that you need.

    On an application front, the TREF3701 is a very old device. If this is for a new design I would recommend the TRF3703, TRF3704, or the TRF3705 device.