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LMX8410L: Need max RF input power (no damage)

Part Number: LMX8410L

Data sheet says in "Pin Functions" Table, Pin 31,  0 to 3.3V single ended. Is this RF + Common Mode? Do I really have 3.3V pk-pk? If this port is AC coupled, what is the max RF level input for no damage in dBm? I am assuming this is a 50 ohm input port. Is this true? I'm not considering the max linear input but if the RF input is overdriven, what is the max power for no damage? Normally this is included in a data sheet.

  • Hello Charles,

    I'm not sure what you mean by 0 to 3.3V. The description of pin 31 on datasheet is "RF input. Single-ended. Must be AC coupled.". The RF port is single ended, there is no common mode for RF port, and there shouldn't be DC offset injected into RF port either.

    Yes the RF port is well matched to 50Ohm. There'll be a risk of damaging the device if RF input >= +10dBm.