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Regarding Low Delay RF Microcontroller Suggestion

Hello all.

I am working on a project where I am looking for very low delay (latency) based RF Communication Microcontroller or SoC. My project is very timing critical and I need to send Data with around 200m (Chip Antenna based design) range with delay time of few microsec level.

My project is a Camera Controller with Wireless Flash trigger. There will be a Master Device (Connected with DSLR Camera Hot-Shoe) and other several (up-to 16) Salve Device (Connected with Flash or SpeedLight. Here Main Device will get signal from Camera Hot-Shoe and do a RF-Broadcast with Control Packet which will be received by nearby (within 200m range) Slave Devices and Trigger the Flash. For this I need to use very low latency/delay based RF Communication.

I don't want to use Bluetooth or WiFi based communication here. I am looking for other RF solution. Also this will be a commercial product so I need to consider the allowed freq for US, Europe etc. 

Can anyone advise me a suitable TI RF Microcontroller with the specific feature (or example code) for my application?

Thanks in advance. 


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    For this use I would look into CC1110 (or CC2510 if you want to operate in the 2.4 GHz band). The CC1310/ CC1312 is the latest generation of Wireless MCUs but on these devices you have to use a OS which increasing latency and also makes the latency less predictable. For CC1110/ CC2510 it should be possible to start a RF transmission directly when getting an interrupt.


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    Thanks TER for your reply.

    Great to know about CC1110 and CC2510. Few more ques please:

    - CC2510 looks fine. But its 1dBm Power. Will it be possible to get around 200m communication range with PCB Trace or Chip Antenna?

    - I know Sub-1 GHz CC1110 will give more range. But CC2510 2.4GHz Band and CC1110 Sub-1 GHz Bands (range: 300 – 348 MHz, 391 – 464 MHz and 782 – 928 MHz) which will be good to choice for regulatory complacence (FCC/CE Certification)? Our project is a commercial application hence we are very much concern on this regulatory certification before choose the parts.

    One more test case suggestion I like to ask:
    For my application scenario how can I test/check the transmission delay timings in long range (200m) of data from Master Device to Slave Device (and vise-versa).

    Thanks in advance.

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    In reply to Nazmus Sakib:

    I see that more of less all wireless flash triggers operates on 2.4 GHz (found this when I was looking for what the normal range is: www.topbest10reviews.com/.../ ) and using this frequency band makes it easier to make a world wide product.

    To estimate range, please take a look at www.ti.com/.../rf-range-estimator As this shows you would need a range extender (CC2590 or CC2592) to increase both output power and sensitivity to manage 200 m.

    Look into the antennas suggested in the excel sheet, a 2.4 GHz antenna is small enough to fit in this type of product. A PCB antenna is more effective than a chip antenna.

    For testing, I would set a pin high on the receiver when a packet is received. Then you can measure the time from the trigger pulse on the TX side to the pin is set on the RX side since this is close to the use case.