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RF Receiver

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I looking for a "plug and play" evaluation board. 

An emergency locating transmitter emits a 1400-400Hz audio sweep carried at 121.5MHz which is AM.  I'm wanting to build a Rx for direct down conversion to then digitize and process the signal.  Do you have anything that meets this frequency?


  • Hello and welcome to E2E,

    I am not clear on what you are looking for? Are you looking for a board on which you can change and try out these parts?
    You are going to have to build your own board design as there is no plug and play evaluation board that could do this.

    Or are you looking for an LNA recommendation for your receiver?
    If you are looking for an LNA recommendation, post in the general purpose opamps E2E.

    We can help make recommendations for parts based on specific requirements you might have but for each part, put your question on the correct E2E page with exact specifications for a quick reply. You can also use our parametric search on TI.com to quickly find what parts you are looking for.

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    Are there any specific questions you still have? I am going to mark this thread resolved. If you still have questions you can post and it will reopen the thread.