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how to interface LTP5902

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Can anyone provide me the examples on interfacing LTP5902 with ti controller

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    First you need to find out which MCU/ processor you want to use to access the LTP5902. Dependent on the interface on the LTP5902 you want to use to communicate with it you have to go into the examples for the given MCU/processor and look for examples on how to use the given interface. Since this is a Analog part we won't have a full example.


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    Thank you for your response
    Do you have c libraries for wireless hart network with msp430 controller
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    We don't have such libraries. But we have SimpleLink series WI-FI and BLE wireless microcontroller, such as CC3120 and CC2640 which consists of wireless module and host MCUs, which all share a common, easy-to-use development environment with a single core software development kit (SDK) and rich tool set. A one-time integration of the SimpleLink platform enables you to add any combination of the portfolio’s devices into your design, allowing 100 percent code reuse when your design requirements change. For more information, visit Overview for SimpleLink™ solutions.