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LMX8410L: Datasheet discrepancy concerning pins 34 and 37

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Part Number: LMX8410L


This questions concerns the current version of the LMX8410L Datasheet (SNAS730A – MARCH 2018 – REVISED NOVEMBER 2018)

On Page 3, the package drawing shows pins 34 and 37 as NC while the table immediately below does not agree. 

Further, the typical application on page 53 shows them not connected, but the EVM schematic appears to break these two pins out to test points, and then ground via a 0 ohm resistor (the relevant pin numbers are not shown in the PDF, so I am assuming the symbol is the same as in the datasheet).

Are these two pins truly NC's (with no bond wire from lead frame to die) or are they additional ground pins?