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ADS58J89EVM: Sampling with HSDCPro Automation DLL

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Part Number: ADS58J89EVM


we have got a ADS58J89EVM and TSW14J56 hooked up for sampling. Also, we are using HSDCPro Automation DLL for sampling with MATLAB. I got a couple of questions.

1- What is the output unit of sampled data saved in the CSV file? is it mv?

2- How can we sample continuously? It looks like after each run of MATLAB codes, it takes samples only once.

3- It takes about 2.5s to sample with fs=125MHz and No. of samples=65536. How can I make it faster?


  • Hi Dave,

    1-The output is raw ADC codes in 14bits resolution. It is unit-less. To convert to mV, divide the code by full scale code (=2^13-1) and multiply by the full scale amplitude. Full scale amplitude is 625mV by default
    2-Continuous capture is not supported in the automation functions. You can enable continuous capture manually from data capture options menu in HSDCPRO
    3-There is no way to speed up the capture.