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lightning surge protection for LTE

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Hi Team,

We are working on LTE based custom design. We want to get some expect option for the below points in RF design:

1)  Is it acceptable to add any PCB Mount ESD Protection/TVS /GDT in LTE Antenna Path?

2) Is there any reference design where such PCB mount protection circuit are used in Antenna Path?

3) If we need to provide any protection device in the path, what are the parameters we need to consider while protection device component selection and placement. (When we use patch type antenna and external B-Stubby type Antennas. And when there are two types of enclosure - both complete plastic and complete metal)

4) Can anyone suggest any miniature in-Line or PCB mount protection device for LTE?

  • Hello,

    I am not an expert on antenna design but I do know that most of the time the key care abouts for Antennas is the low capacitance of ESD diodes so that their signals can be transmitted uninhibited.

    We have some ESD diodes like the TPD1E0B04 that have very low capacitance that can be used in this application.


    Cameron Phillips
    Applications | c-phillips@ti.com
    High Side Switches/ESD & Surge Protection

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