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AFE7444EVM: loopback_mode_enable.cfg file

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Part Number: AFE7444EVM


We would like to get the loopback_mode_enable.cfg file mentioned in the SLAA871 Application Report on page 5. Were can we find this file?


  • Hi Nihal,

    We are looking at this question and will get back to you soon.



  • In reply to Neeraj Gill:

    Hi Neeraj,

    Also we don't find the 'AFE7444 Register Set Technical Reference Manual' which is mentioned in the full datasheet on page 175. You granted us full access to the AFE7444 design files, but this manual we can't find there. We really need a full register map for the device. Can you please point us out where to find it?


  • In reply to Nihal Ummer:

    Hey Nihal, 

    Attached is the loopback mode config file.