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AFE7799: AFE7799 or AFE7769

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Part Number: AFE7799

Hi Support,

Is there any reference design for Xilinx Zynq MPSoC device to interface with AFE7799 or AFE7769?

Thanks, Shaun.

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    Hi Support, any feedback?

  • Shaun:

    We have some starter Xilinx FPGA code to assist in interfacing TI devices through the JESD204B standard.  You can access the information through MySecure Software.  You can request access to MySecure software for this product by accessing the request form on the AFE77xx product page: .--RJH

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    In reply to RJ Hopper:

    Hi RJ, I couldnt access. Please advise.

  • In reply to ikon:

    If the link is not working then you can get to the site "manually".

    - Search for AFE7769 on TI.com

    - Go to the AFE7769 product page

    - Go to Order Now tab

    - Under Samples heading select "Submit Request Form"

    - Fill out form and submit

    This will alert our team to grant you access to the MySecure Software for AFE77xx.  Once approved, you can go to that site and access the development code.