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TRF370417: Generate LO from LMX2594 to TRF370417

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Part Number: TRF370417


I want to generate diff LO to TRF370417 from LMX2594.

Can i connect the TRF370417 with LO differential that generated in LMX2594 (it is not clear in datasheet of TRF370417 )?

if yes, how i can do it?



  • Hi Porat,

    You may refer to section 7.3.8 of the LMX2594 for the output drive configuration, whether 50ohm pull-up or choke pull-up for the proper LO drive for the TRF3704-17. The TRF370417, based on electrical characteristic, has internal 50ohm termination. Once you configured the proper LMX2594 LO drive, you may simply AC coupling the two devices directly with two differential AC coupling capacitors.


  • In reply to Kang Hsia:

    Thanks Kang!

    I will be happy if you can give me a schematic for this configuration (only between output/input RF) .. 

    Thanks :)


  • In reply to porat yifrah:


    We do not have a schematic per se, but the interface is straight-forward.  I recommend a 50 ohm pull-up on the LMX output per branch and AC couple to the LO input of the TRF3704 (say, 10 pF or equivalent).  That's it.