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AFE7070: FIFO Behavior

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Part Number: AFE7070

I have a situation where I need to burst data into an AFE7070 from a microcontroller. I'm hoping to use Dual Input Clock Mode so that I can make use of the FIFO.

A few questions:

1. So long as I throttle using the alarm_SDO pin to avoid over-running the FIFO, can the CLK_IO be discontinuous, such that I only provide the CLK_IO when I have an I or Q data value that I want clocked into the FIFO? 

2. How large is the FIFO? Please tell me if the number you quote me in I/Q pairs or in single (I or Q) entries?

3. Does the SYNC_SLEEP pin (when configured as SYNC) clear the FIFO pointers?

Thank you