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TRF37A73: Guidelines for how to cascade successfully two parts of TRF37A73

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Part Number: TRF37A73

Hi Team,

We have a customer inquiry regarding designing with TRF37A73.
Our customer would like to ask for guidelines for how to cascade successfully two parts of TRF37A73 in order to achieve a broad-band response over the entire component bandwidth.
They would like to obtain over 20dB gain and relatively flat over the bandwidth from around 0.5GHz to 6GHz, edges can be more flexible.

The application is for the sensor.

Let me know if you need more information from the customer.



  • Hey Jonathan,

    You can cascade the parts with each stage set in the typical configuration found on the datasheet (figure 13). You would only need one DC coupling capacitor at the output of the first stage/input of the second stage. Note that the gain is not constant going up to 6GHz, this can be seen in the data sheet where the gain is 12.5dB @ 0.4GHZ & 10.5dB @ 6GHz.


    Hasan Babiker