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DAC38RF83: SPI Clock Rate

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Part Number: DAC38RF83

Hi team,

In the DAC38RF83 datasheet, it states that the SPI clock rate is 10MHz. Can we run this faster? is there a maximum clock speed available for the SPI channel?



  • Hi AH,

    TI recommends keeping the SCLK within 100ns period, 10MHz rate

  • In reply to Kang Hsia:

    Hi Kang,

    Hope all is well! Do you think it would be possible to run faster at 40-50 MHz without degradation? Do we have any characterization data on running the SCLK faster?



  • In reply to Alpha H:

    Hi AH,

    sorry. We simply cannot recommend this as there may be register read/write errors when SPI bus is running at faster rate.