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TSW40RF80EVM: ADC32RFxx DDC Configuration

Part Number: TSW40RF80EVM


I have a TSW40RF80EVM board that connects to a TSW14J56EVM. I'm particularly interested in using the ADC to see a signal input at 430-MHz at around -20 dBm. I also use TSW40RF8x EVM GUI and High Speed Data Converter Pro software that I got from the website.

I was able to detect signals from as high as 1.96 GHz, but when I go below 940-MHz, I could not see the signal in the HSDC Pro software anymore. I'm wondering if you guys can help me configure both software to be able to detect at frequency of 430-MHz with an ADC Output Data Rate of at least greater than 1 Gsps.

And is there any way to configure the trigger functionality in the HSDC Pro software? Thanks!