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ADC32RF80: ADC32RF80

Part Number: ADC32RF80


In the datasheet for ADC32RF80 all calculations and graphs was made for Fs = 2949.12M. But description on your site say Fs_max = 3000M, so Fs can be 3000M. On the other hand, the built-in NCO has resolution 16 bits, (2^16 = 65366), thus his freq step is 2949.12M/2^16 = 45000 Hz or 3000M/2^16 = 45776,3671875 Hz. The second version is not good. That's why there is on the evaluation board the crystal oscillator with frequency =  122.88M (122.88M*24 = 2949.12M).

But ADC itself CAN work on sampling frequency =  3000M. Do I understand this correctly?

Thank you.