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ADS58J89: I cannot make ADS58J89 work with TSW14J65

Part Number: ADS58J89


I have a ADS58J89 hooked up to a TSW14J65.

I followed the instructions provided in the datasheet of the both modules to install HSDC pro (version U) and ADS58J8x EVM GUI (Version A).

First I clicked on device reset on ADS58J88 Tab on the ADSJ58J8x GUI. Also, I clicked on reset for LMK04828 PLL1 and PLL2.

There are several problems.

1- On HSDC pro, when I click on select ADC, I cannot find ADS58J8x_LMF_442. I only can find ADS58Jx_LMF442. Is that ok?

2- On ADS58J8x EVM GUI, ADS58J88/JESD configuration I put F=1, K=32 and L=4

In the user manual of ADS58J8x EVM, on the section titled "JESD204B controls" says the capture card must be configured with same parameters of ADS58J89. How to put same values in the capture card? 

3- On the low level tab in ADS58J8x EVM GUI, load config, there are two options : ADS58J88_500M_442.cfg , and ADS58J88_500M_841.cfg , but the user manual says there must be ADS58J88_500M_442.cfg and ADS58J88_500M_881.cfg . What is this difference for? I want to sample with Fs=250M.

4- After loading either ADS58J88_500M_442.cfg , or ADS58J88_500M_841.cfg, here is status of my LEDs on ADS58J88:

D1 : on

D4 : on

D3: on 

I tried to see  SYSREF signal by connecting either J4 or J17 to an Oscope/spectrum analyzer, but I couldnt see any signal. (This state is before checking the SDCLKout_PD in block of controls for clocks CLKout2 and 3, which turns SYSREF off)

5- I put Fs=250M on HSDC pro. and pushed on Capture, but I got an error. I have attached a screen shot of it here.

I followed the instructions and here is status of the LEDs:  D4 on TSW14J56 is not blinking. D3 on ADS58J8x is on!

Would you help me to make it work?