ADC32RF82: Low level register settings for 2457.6 MSPS, first Nyquist zone, 10x decimation

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Part Number: ADC32RF82

We are using an ADC32RF82EVM to do some testing in preparation for using this ADC on a custom board. We used the 1966.08 MSPS, first Nyquist zone, 8x decimation config files provided in as the basis for our configuration.  With this configuration the ADC is working well with our test platform.  Unfortunately the wrong LMK part was chosen for our custom board so now we need to run the device at 2457.6 MSPS and 10x decimation.  We modified the 2457.6 MSPS, first Nyquist zone, 8x decimation config files from the same zip file for 10x decimation based on the device datasheet.  With this configuration the performance with our test platform is degraded.  I assume the low level register settings need to be modified as well to achieve the same performance.  Can you please provide appropriate config files for this mode of operation?

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