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PRBS Checker

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There is a board for generating PRBS sequences and evaluating eye diagrams on the received channel, built on a DS280DF810 chip. Is it possible to use DS280DF810 chip, where channel Тх0 is used for PRBS generation, and channel Rx1 is used for reception of PRBS.

The transmitter and receiver of the DS280DF810 chip are connected to each other through the corresponding connectors using the loop-back module.

So will the DS280DF810 chip work, if so, what modes need to be set, if not, what needs to be changed in the scheme?

There is a DS280DF810EVM debug board, in which the Tx0 is connected to Rx1 and the Tx1 is connected to Rx0 using the cable supplied with this board. The registers for the Tx0 and Rx1 channels were configured, where the Tx0 generator is PRBS and the Rx1 is the receiver (nothing was set in the registers for the Tx1 and Rx0 channels) using the DS280DF810EVM debugging board program and an eye diagram was obtained.

If we disconnect the cable from the Tx1-> Rx0 pair, and Tx0 is connected by a cable with Rx1 the eye diagram falls apart. Why does this happen, maybe some mode is not configured?